About us


In 1946...

...Young & Company was founded to represent manufacturers of electric utility equipment. We are an independent sales representative focusing on the sale of electrical apparatus, materials, tools and test equipment as well as products used to instrument, control, build and communicate with bulk electric power systems. We also provide engineering services that include training, project engineering, installation and maintenance of some of the equipment we sell. All products and services are focused on bulk electric power generation, transmission and distribution.

Technical Qualifications

Each of our people has been trained on product application. This provides the hands-on capability and technical understanding necessary to properly support new and existing products. We sell through understanding of application, product construction and features, and hands on demonstration, in addition to understanding the specific needs of our customer, his requirements and his goals. Each of our people has a prior career background that is directly associated with our current responsibilities.


Our territory covers California and Nevada...

...and our customers include electric utilities, non-utility power producers, industrial bulk power consumers and original equipment manufacturers serving these customers. We also support our primary customers through close association with electrical distributors and consulting engineering firms.